Organisation d'évènements en Charente Maritime
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Our elegant, flexible, connected spaces that are open to the outside, in a scenic environment, are available and perfect to welcome your personal or professionnal events.

Évènementiel en Charente Maritime
Organisation d'évènements en Charente Maritime

Our commitments:

  • Services of your choice according to your needs and budget
  • A personal advisor to help with preparations and choice of ambiance and decoration
  • One event manager, there for you
  • Years of experience
  • Comprehensive service : Food services / accommodations / activities

Quality dining with a choice between:

  • dinner and lunch fine dining specials
  • cocktails and dinner parties with drinks
  • A ”Wedding dining” service


Company meetings are the chance to get closer with your teams, the chance to take some time out, to create a group dynamic.

We offer the ability to gather all of your colleagues together “under one roof”, with original options for accommodation and attentive service.

We provide both facilities and open access to the pristine beach while maintaining availability and confidentiality.


  • Audiovisual : microphone, video projector, Canon camera, computer, video conference, lighting, microphones with stands, projector and screen, recoding of the session, stage, lectern.
  • Broadband Wifi, fiber optic cable, telephone connections
  • Supplies : paper, pencils, notepad, water.
  • Furniture : tables, chairs, tablecloths, decorations

Spaces at your disposal:

Séminaires en Charente Maritime
Organiser des réunions professionnelles en Charente Maritime
Organiser des séminaires d'entreprise en Charente Maritime


Getting married on the Ile de Ré is a less traditional celebration : a good time, not so conventional, free and comfortable, under the soft light of the Atlantic, the sea breeze, and the smell of the pines.

You will receive your family and friends in our elegant and flexible reception rooms next to a beautiful pool with a team attentive to your tastes, to your choices in cuisine, all while respecting your culture.

Gather your guests and offer them the choice of comfortable and original accommodation, in a quiet, private and “very natural” environment, and you will be at ease.

Advantages: Our babysitter package

Salle de mariage en Charente Maritime
Organiser un mariage en Charente Maritime
Se marier en Charente Maritime
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